La Scena Musicale / March 2001

Yegor Dyachkov: A passion for playing

Dyachkov comes from a musical family—his mother is a pianist, his father a violist. As a youngster in Moscow, where he was born, he tried both the piano and violin. At eight, he still hadn’t found the right instrument. His dream was to work in a zoo, so his mother resorted to some gentle trickery by encouraging him to try the cello, assuring him that it was the animals’ favourite instrument. He did—and the young Yegor at last discovered an outlet for his enormous musical sensitivity.

The Toronto Star / March 2002

Lions fed cello choice

Yegor Dyachkov was thinking of working in a zoo and maybe studying the oboe, when his mother intervened.

La Presse / December 2001

Yegor Dyachkov: plus loin que le violoncelle

Yegor Dyachkov est certainement le plus québécois de tous les Russes qui ont cherché refuge ici à la fin du régime soviétique.