cello & piano

J.S. Bach
    Sonata I in G major BWV 1027
    Sonata II in D major BWV 1028
    Sonata III in G minor BWV 1029

L.V. Beethoven
    Sonata op.5 no.1
    Sonata op.5 no.2
    Sonata op.17 (transcribed Horn sonata)
    Sonata op.69
    Sonata op.102 no.1
    Sonata op.102 no.2
    Variations WoO 45
    Variations WoO 46 (1801)
    Variations Op. 66

E. Bloch

L. Boccherini
    Sonata in A major
    Sonata in C major

J. Brahms
    Sonata in E minor op.38
    Sonata op.78 (transcribed)
    Sonata in F major op.99

B. Britten
    Sonata Op. 65

E. Carter
    Sonata (1948)

F. Chopin
    Introduction et Polonaise brillante op.3
    Sonata in G minor p.65

C. Davidoff
    At the fountain op.20 no.2

C. Debussy
    Beau soir
    Sonata for Cello and Piano

G. Fauré
    Après un rêve
    Élégie op.24
    Sonata no.2

C. Franck
    Sonata for violin and piano (transcribed)

A. Glazounov
    Minstrel’s song op.71
    Spanish serenade op.70

Jacques Hétu
    Sonate op. 63 (1999) *dedicated to YD

L. Janacek
    Pohadka / A Fairy Tale

A. Louie
    Bringing the tiger down from the mountain II (1991)

F. Mendelssohn
    Sonata in B-flat major Op. 45
    Sonata in D major Op. 58

Michael Oesterle
    The Agate Rosary (2007) *written for YD

H. Pfitzner
    Sonata op.1

A. Piazzolla
    Grand Tango

F. Poulenc
    Sonata for Cello and Piano

A. Prévost
    Élégie (1956)
    Sonata (1974)
    Sonata 2

S. Prokofiev
    Sonata op.119
    Ballade Op. 15
    Adagio op.97 bis and Waltz-Coda (from Cinderella)
    Death of Tybalt, Dance of the Antilles Girls, Romeo Bids Juliet Farewell 
      (Romeo and Juliet)
    Suite from Chout (Tale of the Buffoon)
    March (from Love For The Three Oranges)
    Waltz (from The Stone Flower)

S. Rachmaninov
    Prelude op.2
    Oriental dance
    Sonata op.19

L. Samama
    Obsession (1990)

R. Schumann
    Adagio und Allegro op.70
    Fantasiestücke op.73
    Stücke im Volkston op.102

A. Schnittke
    Sonata (1978)

F. Schubert
    Sonata “Arpeggione”

D. Shostakovich
    Sonata op.40

R. Strauss
    Sonata op.6

I. Stravinsky
    Suite Italienne (1932)
    Russian Song (from Mavra)

P.I. Tchaikovsky
    Pezzo capriccioso op.62
    Andante cantabile

L. Vierne
    Sonata Op. 27

cello solo

J.S. Bach
    Suite no.1 BWV 1007
    Suite no.2 BWV 1008
    Suite no.3 BWV 1009
    Suite no.4 BWV 1010
    Suite no.5 BWV 1011
    Suite no.6 BWV 1012

B. Britten
    Sacher variation
    Suite no.1

G. Crumb

J. Harvey
    Curve with Plateaux for cello solo

P. Hindemith
    Sonata for cello solo op.25 no.3

Z. Kodaly
    Sonata for cello solo op.8

G. Ligeti
    Sonata for cello solo

A. MacDonald
    The Great Square of Pegasus op.42

K. Penderecki

A. Prévost 

M. Reger
    Suite in G major

A. Sokolovic
    Vez (2005) *written for YD